Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eargasm: Best of Bootie 2010

Best of Bootie 2010
In a world of overpriced and overplayed pop songs, I find myself detached from the from the latest hit by that one person who will soon be forgotten.

Enter my love for mashup, a glorious world of dull radio hits creatively mashed together, giving me something my brain can handle.  Unlike the Mashup Master Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk, who usually uses 10 or more songs mashed together for one amazing track, Bootie brings you some great tracks from DJs who are much more limited on song samples per track.

A Plus D are the "Creators, producers & DJs of Bootie, the world's biggest bootleg mashup club night" who put on parties around the world featuring the best mashup DJs.  At the end of each year, they select all of the top tracks from the best DJs and put out a stellar compilation for free.  Trying to sell these albums could land you in a bad spot with the RIAA.

The way I see it, these parties and compilations are modern Robin Hoodery.  

Get the full album straight from the source:  Best of Bootie 2010

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